Sarah is a graduate of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario with a double major in Art History and Physical Education.

She studied ballet and modern dance at Simon Fraser University, New York University, Jacob's Pillow and the Toronto Dance Theatre School. She danced professionally for several years and received a Canada Arts Council grant for excellence in choreography.

She graduated from Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy School and completed the Ontario Board exams to become registered as a massage therapist. She is now a member in good standing with MTANS (Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia).

She studied osteopathy for eight years with the Upledger Institute and for seven more years with the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto. Her graduating thesis which earned her a Doctorate in Osteopathic Manual Practice was entitled The Effect of Osteopathic Treatment on Axial Trunk Rotation as Measured with a Scoliometer in Cases of Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis.

Sarah has continued to study abroad in Austria, England, the United States, Switzerland and Russia. She is a founding member of the International Forum for Pediatric Osteopathy aimed at teaching and promoting osteopathy for children around the world. She teaches a postgraduate course in Paediatrics at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and currently holds a teaching position with the College d'Etudes Osteopathique de Montreal for their Halifax Campus. She is a past president of the Board of the Nova Scotia Association of Osteopaths and a past member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths.

She is presently working on a book which focuses on general health and well being. It will include a series of exercises based on developmental sequencing patterns with a strong emphasis on functional anatomy and functional movement. The exercises are designed to stretch, strengthen and integrate new and healthy movement patterns into the body. These healthy patterns serve to direct our actions into the postural system creating efficient movements for everyday activities while allowing the body to recover from trauma and prevent new injury. This form of movement re-education is utilized during osteopathic treatments to augment and integrate the manual therapy.

Anne-Laure Blot was born in France. She played basketball for more than ten years, during which time she met a health care professional who stimulated a desire in her to learn a manual therapy. Osteopathy was exactly what she was looking for: time to listen, to treat, to advise, to support and to encourage the self-healing process.

After five years of study in a full time program at the CEESO (Centre Européen d’Enseignement Supérieur de l’Ostéopathie in Paris), various internships in hospitals, experiences within associations (Sports Challenge, The Homeless Peoples Association), and two years of clinical practice, she obtained her diploma. Her final dissertation examined the relationship between osteopathy and gastric banding surgery, used in cases of morbid obesity, in order to determine the role of the osteopath in the hospital setting.

She has decided to come to Canada, to work within an international osteopathic team, to practice non-invasive manual techniques specifically adapted to each patient. Her passion for aquatics sports, her taste for culture from elsewhere, her love of travel and the need to share her knowledge led her to this charming seaside town that reminds her of her native Normandy.

Anne-Laure is delighted to take care of new patients and she will welcome them with open arms.

Dr. Scott Woodworth is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2000). He is a member in good standing of the Nova Scotia Association of Naturopaths and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. He holds a Naturopathic license for the State of Vermont and the Province of British Columbia. He maintains his home practise at the Kingsport Clinic and also works in Halifax.

Since his graduation in 2000, Dr. Woodworth has worked in private practice in Nova Scotia. He believes in an integrated approach to patient care, working together with other health care practitioners to achieve optimal health for his patients. He recently returned from a 2 year sabbatical in Chicago where he worked as part of a team of medical oncologists and specialists in a cancer treatment hospital treating patients suffering with late stage cancer. This experience consolidated his belief in the team approach.

Naturopathic Medicine dovetails beautifully with Osteaopthy in that it also strives to find the cause of disease. Naturopathy uses symptomatology as a guide for diagnosis and Dr. Woodworth investigates to find the connections within the symptom picture to distill the cause of each problem. This enables him to refine the treatment protocols. He relies on an in depth nutritional assessment to develop treatment plans using minimal supplementation and dietary modification to achieve realistic goals for each patient. He has a passion for and specializes in the treatment and management of immune system disorders and related health concerns.

Natalie’s fascination with osteopathy began when she discovered that the osteopathic philosophy recognized each person as a functioning whole and that it’s goal was “getting to the root” of the problem. After studying osteopathy full-time for four years, including two years clinical experience, she graduated from the ESO (European School of Osteopathy) in the UK with her integrated Masters degree. She received the ESO’s research prize for her master’s dissertation on the importance of the palpation skills of the osteopath. Seeking inspiration and further learning, Natalie co-directed a student society at the ESO organizing extracurricular osteopathic lectures. Contributing to her ability as a practitioner, she has worked to provide support for individuals with disabilities as well as volunteered in various roles in several countries.

Natalie grew up living throughout Canada however, this is her first time in Nova Scotia, and she looks forward to exploring this beautiful province. She enjoys rambling in the great outdoors, travelling and practical creativity. Natalie is delighted to join the Kingsport team, and heartily welcomes all new patients.

Peter Norris has been practicing massage therapy in Kentville and the Annapolis valley for 20 years plus! From the very beginning Peter’s goal has been to provide the very best possible care for his patients. Time is taken to assess and treat any relevant conditions during each treatment session. His approach is simple: treat the source of the condition, not just the symptoms. With so many years of "hands on” experience Peter is able to know where to go on the body and exactly which type of technique to use to get the desired result!

Many patients present with a multitude of painful areas suggesting there may be underlying factors to address, not simply the injury site. Treating the injury site as well as the compensatory factors helps to alleviate acute pain and minimize the reoccurrence of pain while providing relief for the patient. This helps to decrease the potential for developing chronic conditions.

Peter holds a sense deep compassion for the individual and is highly committed to his work. Coupled with years of experience, these attributes have allowed him to help thousands of people achieve their rehabilitate goals. He looks forward to working in tandem with the Kingsport Team.